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CNN Logo

CNN Logo Cable News Network was established in 1980 by Ted Turner, it is commonly known as CNN. It is one of the leading English language television norks. The network is owned by Time Warner and its distribution unit is a division of Turner Broadcasting System. CNN is certainly the first ever broadcasting station that provides 24-hours news reports. The CNN logo has achieved a distinctive place in the business world as a result of its exceptional features. The logo has remained untouched and maintained its standard appearance throughout the years. The CNN logo instantaneously presents a concept of world’s leader with an approach of massive domination. In 1999, CNN initiated a set of new logos for its global networks. The new chain of CNN emblem evidently transmits signs of strength, originality and expertise of the network.


The CNN logo has remained consistent over the years. However, its popularity still constantly grows in popular culture. The CNN logo provides a unique network identity which adds to the company’s features. Shape of the CNN Logo: The CNN logo contains a very specific pattern that reflects power, stability, and reliability of the network. It is characterized in a captivating fashion which provides distinctive recognition to each character of the CNN logo. The logo has remained a unique emblem all over the world because of its fashionable and exceptional appearance. Color of the CNN Logo: The unique CNN logo is in a shade of red, which compliments the prominent existence of the company in the entire globe. Red hue represents the valued image of the firm. The color also represents entrepreneurship and omnipresence of the company and its services. Font of the CNN Logo: The emblazoned initials of the “CNN” are combined together in the logo in a beautiful pattern. They also offer a composed and calm emotion which serves globally for all races. The fonts are in bold letters and accurately portray the strong attitude of the company.

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