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Cisco Logo Cisco Systems, Inc ranks as one of the top manufacturers of Network-related equipment. “Cisco” is not an acronym, but it is an abbreviation of San Francisco. It is said by John Morgridge, the 34th employee and the company’s first president that the creators of the company thought of this name while making their way to Sacramento for registration of the company. As they laid their eyes upon the Golden Gate Bridge structured in the sunlight, they decided the name of the company there and then. The name cisco Systems (with a small “c”) was used for a long period of time, in the engineering department of the company, even after the name was altered to Cisco Systems, Inc. People using Cisco manufactured products can sometimes observe the name cisco Systems in bug reports and IOS messages.


The Cisco logo has undergone several modifications throughout the years. Shape of the Cisco Logo: The old Cisco logo, consisting of a bridge enclosed in a box, was designed in-house under the supervision of Gary McCavitt, Director of Brand Identity, Cisco Systems. The logo, originating in 1990, was slightly reconstructed in 1996. The new Cisco logo was created in collaboration with Joe “Phenom” Finocchiaro and Jerry “The King” Kuyper. Based on the original concept, it wonderfully addresses the objectives and ambitions of the company’s vision. In the new logo, the length of the company name pushes the logotype to look small and the bridge emblem to look heavy. Color of the Cisco Logo: The new Cisco logo features the red and blue colors. The blue colors depicts prosperity, excellence and calmness, while the red color represents determination and business responsibility.

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