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Carolina Panthers Logo

Carolina Panthers Logo The Carolina Panthers are a professional American football team based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The team was established in the late 1980s after the consent of NBA. They are currently the members of South Division of the National Football Conference in the National Football League (NFL). The Panthers joined the NFL along with Jacksonville Jaguars as an expansion team in 1995. The Panthers have accomplished a record of 115-121 since their existence. Their actual win was when they appeared in Super Bowl in 2003. The costume of the team consists of silver pants with black jerseys or white pants with white jerseys. The white and black jerseys have blue stripes over the shoulders which gives the uniform a unique look. The team has over 70,000 fans worldwide; yet the fan following continues to grow with the passage of time.


The Carolina Panthers logo is believed to be one of the best logos designed for a football team. The logo superbly delivers the message the team wants to transmit to their fans. Shape of the Carolina Panthers Logo: The Carolina Panthers logo consists of a head of a panther. The emblem depicts that the Panthers are expert hunters and attack their rivals at the final stage. The logo is said to be depicting the merged borders of North and South Carolina. Color of the Carolina Panthers Logo: The head of the panther in Carolina Panthers logo is black and silver in color; sketched in blue. These colors represent the strength of the team and the aspiration to ace all their performances.

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