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Budweiser Logo One of the best selling beer brands in the United States, Budweiser is owned by the Belgian-Brazilian beer giant Anheuser–Busch InBev. Established in 1876 by Adolphus Busch, Budweiser is now available in over 80 markets.


Shape and Color of the Budweiser Logo: The Budweiser logo is one of the most iconic and memorable beer logos in the world. The company has carefully built a strong corporate identity with its logo, the package and the colors used, in addition to the messages, all of which have almost stayed unaltered over the years. The “crown logo” of Budweiser is a prime example example of a great corporate identity. The theme of the brand is “The King of Beers”, as the subtle use of the crown over the signature-styled company name and the red bow-tie shaped background symbolize classiness, elegance and royalty. The colors of the Budweiser logo are deliberately kept very bright, so that they can easily be seen from a large distance and help differentiate the Budweiser products in an overcrowded marketplace. Red color is, for instance, used to stimulate the appetite, and white to typify purity and cleanness. The heavy usage of red also asserts that the company is proud of its American heritage.

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