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Brussels Airlines Logo

Brussels Airlines Logo Brussels Airlines is a Belgian airline, and a subsidiary of Lufthansa. Operating from Brussels Airport, the airline flies to more than 65 destinations in about 20 European countries. Besides that, it also manages long-haul flights to East, Central and West Africa. Brussels Airlines was established in 2006 after a successful merger of SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) and Virgin Express.


Shape of the Brussels Airlines Logo: The Brussels Airlines logo features the letter “b” in lower case, comprising of a series of red elipses. The “b” is kept in a modern style, typifying both Brussels and Belgium. Graphically speaking, the “b” is composed of a series of thirteen ellipses that visualize the extended network of the airline and the ground lights on an airport runway. However, most planes owned by the airline have a modified “b” logo, after several complaints from superstitious travelers that the thirteen dots lend bad fortune. The altered logo now incorporates fourteen dots. Color of the Brussels Airlines Logo: The blue color in the Brussels Airlines logo depicts reliability and reassurance, while emphasizing the values and principles adapted from the SN Brussels Airlines. On the other hand, the red color is indicative of the “low cost” colors of Virgin Express. Font of the Brussels Airlines Logo: The Brussels Airlines logo features a rounded custom-designed typeface.

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