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“; } ?> BP Logo BP p.l.c. (formerly British Petroleum Company plc) is a global British multinational oil and gas corporation based in London, UK. One of the largest energy companies in the world, BP operates in more than 80 countries with total production of 3.4 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. The company employs more than 79,700 people worldwide with around 21,800 service stations and total assets of US$ 290.92 billion as of 2011.


Shape and Colors of the BP Logo: The original BP logo, also known as the “classic shield” logo, was designed by famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy. Introduced in 1979, it underwent a minor overhaul in 1989. A fairly lighter shade was adapted to adjust the corporate image to a more “greener” look. The emblem was also given a cleaner appearance with the addition of a yellow border around the shield. The shiled logo was used by the company until 2000. The current version of BP logo was designed by Landor, a famous San Francisco based design agency. It was unveiled in the first quarter of 2000 to conincide with the widely known brand name change from “BP Amoco” to “BP”, which came about with a new slogan: “Beyond Petroleum”. The “Helios” (ancient Greek god of the sun) symbol, consisting of a green and yellow sunflower, was designed to symbolize energy in its various forms. Font of the BP Logo: The BP logo features the Univers® 55 Roman typeface.

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