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Boise Cascade Logo Boise Cascade Holdings, LLC is a leading pulp and paper company. The company was launched in 1957 following a successful merger between Boise-Payette Lumber and Cascade Lumber.


The Boise Cascade logo was conceptualized in the early 1960s. Shape and Color of the Boise Cascade Logo: The Boise Cascade logo symbolizes a pine tree inside the containing circle. Such imagery was chosen by the designer due to the fact that trees are the primary source of lumber as well as the pulp required to manufacture paper. Moreover, the green color goes very well with the overall design environment. The upward chevrons instill a feel of growth, success and stability. They also tend to depict the downward-turned cascading branches. A popular design trend of the sixties, the monotonal line weight, allows for a simple yet graphically efficient look while strengthening its contemporary attribute. The balance of positive and negative shapes and spaces, and the perfect symmetry, give the symbol a unique apperance. The simplicity of detail lets the logo to be painted on even rough-surfaced products (such as plywood sheets) without substantial loss of legibility.

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