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Avon Logo Avon Products, Inc. is an American personal care and cosmetics brand for women which operates in more than 140 countries worldwide. One of the highest selling beauty companies in the world, Avon had yearly sales of around $10.8 billion worldwide as of 2010.


Shape and Color of the Avon Logo: The earliest trademark for Avon was registered in 1932 which remained in use until 1936. Over the years, the company experimented with five more logos. The current Avon logotype, with the tagline “the company for women”, is a slight variation of the one created in the 1980s. Andrea Jung, then-CEO of Avon, launched an extensive advertising campaign and also upgraded the company’s packaging and brochures. The black color in the Avon logo depicts the excellence and quality of the brand, while the pink color represents femininity, freshness, youthfulness and optimism.

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