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Audi Logo

Audi Logo Audi AG is a famous German automobile manufacturing company. It deals in lavish and luxurious cars. The company got named after its creator, Augush Horsh. Since more than a hundred years, Audi has been the top manufacturer of German cars. At present, Audi makes luxury cars with outstanding interiors. Their cars are well-equipped with high quality accessories and interior. They not only look extraordinarily beautiful but also complement their usage. Audi cars are easy to drive and are fully geared.


The Audi logo was recently modified in 2009, on its 100th birthday. The logo is made to signify “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “Advancement through Technology”. Shape of the Audi Logo: Old Audi Logo The Audi logo consists of four 3D overlapping rings. It looks sharp as the rings are of polished chrome texture, signifying the 1932 merger of Audi with many other renowned companies. It is a symbol of power and protection. Color of the Audi Logo: The color of the Audi logo is shiny and sleek. The silver color gives it a very modern and sophisticated look. Font of the Audi Logo: The Audi logo uses San-serif font which represents style as well as simplicity.

New Audi Logo

New Audi Logo The new Audi logo was unveiled in August 2009, conveying the constant efforts of the Audi Company to strengthen bonds with their customers by manufacturing more efficient and reliable vehicles.

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