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Atlanta Braves Logo The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The team came into existence in the year 1876; it was first established with the name of Boston Red Stockings. The “Braves” name was derived from an expression for a Native American warrior, in 1966. Their pet name is “the Bravos”, and they are also known as “America’s Team”. The team established a record of having the most brilliant managers and enjoyable stadiums, together with distressing losses. The Atlanta Braves have gained success and encountered losses throughout their existence. Despite the ups and downs, the team manages to maintain its image worldwide. Atlanta Braves is one of the oldest baseball teams, that is till now a part of Major League Baseball. They are the only team out of the twenty eight other teams who has participated in all seasons. The Braves won their 14th consecutive division title in 2005. In 1995, they won the World Championship.


The Atlanta Braves logo was originally designed by Boston Braves in 1946. Similar to other baseball teams’ logos like NY-Yankees and Boston Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves logo is discrete and innovative. Shape of the Atlanta Braves Logo: The Atlanta Braves logo consists of an axe, placed below the name of the team. The entire logo is diagonally inclined towards the right side. The axe depicts the power and the team’s persistent attempts to perk up their performance. Color of the Atlanta Braves Logo: The color of the logo is red with a navy blue outline. The blue and red colors are specifically used to enhance the beauty of the logo. The colors also represent the revival of the team from defeat and misfortune.

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