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Apple Logo Apple Inc. is the one of the largest and most famous companies in in the computer industry. It manufactures consumer electronics as well as computer software and personal computers. The company makes the most advanced and innovative software to give their products a unique edge. The Apple logo is known all around the world as it brings innovative improvisations to their products and generate the best quality product available in the market. Apple has been in the market since 30 years and is making its way to farther prosperity.

The Apple logo was just not designed as an apple after a result of some long a deep ponder, it holds a story behind it. Sir Isaac Newton, who gave the law of gravity was once sitting under a tree and noticed an apple fall to the ground, after which he gave the theory of the existence of gravity. The logo of the Apple company represents the same apple that Newton encountered. At first the Apple logo was rainbow colored which signified the birth of colors in the world of IT. The logo is also said to be paying a tribute to Alan M. Turing, the undisputed father of Computer Science, who committed suicide after eating a poisoned apple.


The Apple logo is not only unique but it also carries a very interesting background. The logo is highly visually distinctive and easy to understand. It signifies the best quality of products. Shape of the Apple Logo: The identity of the Apple Company is seen in its logo. The logo comprises of an apple, bitten from the right, with a leaf tilted towards the right side. Color of the Apple Logo: The color of the Apple logo is silver and polished, giving it a unique and modern touch. Font of the Apple Logo: There have been quite a few times that a font has been mentioned in the Apple logo, since the logo itself is self explanatory. However, if ever a font is seen it is always mentioned in a clear and bold manner.

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