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The American Broadcasting Company (more commonly known as ABC) is a leading American television network. Owned by The Walt Disney Company, the corporate headquarters of the network are situated in the the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City.


The ABC logo is inarguably one of the most iconic and memorable logo designs ever created. The clear message it beautifully conveys to the wide and diverse audience of the network is simply unsurpassable. Shape and Color of the ABC Logo: The American Broadcasting Company has changed several logo designs since its inception in 1943. The earliest ABC logo was introduced in late 1943 and consisted of an icon of a microphone, with the letters “T” and “V” on its left and right sides respectively. The letters “ABC” were vertically aligned within the image of the microphone. In 1961, the “circle logo” was designed by the legendary graphic designer, Paul Rand. The logo consisted of a simple black circle with the lowercase letters “abc”. This version was the cornerstone of the network’s clear and cohesive advertising and communications. The use of negative space, and simplicity, combined in a circle, provided a clear and consistent message to the audience. In 2007, the network introduced a 3D version of the logo, while revamping it with a more modernistic, glossier and advanced look. Font of the ABC Logo: Being a media logo, the ABC logo still retains its simple font treatment for nearly 50 years. The usage of Bauhaus family font back in the 1960s, a font that can be easily duplicated, was was wise, brave and full of elegance and charm – particularly in an era when computer graphics were relatively unknown.

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