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20th Century Fox Logo

20th Century Fox Logo

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (more commonly known as 20th Century Fox) is one of the biggest and most popular American film studios. Established in 1935 as a result of the merger of Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures, the corporation is a subsidiary of News Corporation, headquartered in the Century City area of Los Angeles.


The 20th Century Fox logo is one of the most memorable entertainment logos ever created. The original logo, designed in 1935 by Emil Kosa, Jr., is a typical example of a Art Deco-influenced design. The emblem has been modified over the years. Some major modifications include those by Rocky Longo in 1953 and 1981, and by Kevin Burns in 1994. Moreover, an exclusive logo was featured when James Cameron’s film Avatar debuted in 2009. The usual color scheme in the 20th Century Fox logo consists of golden yellow and blue colors.

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